Future-proof your hydrogen business

Stay compliant and relevant despite a fast-changing regulatory environment and a fragmented certification landscape.

Save time and money with automated certification

Easily and continuously certify your green production thanks to a fully automated certification process. Save 90% time and effort as compared to traditional, manual alternatives and achieve cost efficient compliance.

Gain price power by unlocking the highest green-premiums

Prove the sustainability attributes of your products with accurate, transparent and reliable data along with government-approved certificates that positively impact the market value of your green products.

Validate certificates globally

Deal effortlessly with fast changing regulatory environments and fragmented certification landscape with digital product passports that enable interoperability across certification schemes.

All sustainability certification data and communication flows in one unified, streamlined experience.

We integrate with all EU green hydrogen certification schemes, registries and verifiers, providing you with a simple certificate-acquisition and monetisation experience at scale and across borders.

Embark on the smoothest low-carbon certification journey


We connect your production asset to our tamperproof IoT solution and software suite ensuring the end-to-end verification and certification process. We loop in your chosen certification scheme and verifier to automate and streamline all communication and data flows on your behalf. 

Allocate & Monitor

Your certificate portfolio management platform enables you to generate digital product passports and easily set up allocation rules for your low-carbon certificates across production sites, schemes and customers – automatically. Monitor and tweak as needed – without breaking a sweat.

Share & Export

Provide customers with digital product passports tracing carbon intensity of every batch along the value chain. Share proven sustainability stories to customers. Automate ESG reporting. Enable fast-lightning verification and certification processes with automated audit reports.

Stay ahead of customer demand and lead the path to decarbonisation.

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