Trustworthy certification is a cornerstone of our path
to net-zero.

And yet, low-carbon certification of energy intensive goods is broken and unreliable.

Future-proof, sustainable products need verifiable, granular certification.

As energy accounts for 73% of our global CO2 emissions, energy-hungry sectors are particularly impacted by this growing need for certification. Future-proof energy applications and products will be tagged with a certificate, which identifies the product’s energy origin all along its entire value chain and with a fine time granularity.

So how can it be that some of the fastest growing components of our energy transition rely on such old-school, non scalable certification processes?

Today’s certification relies on manual processes that won’t scale.

Certification relies on a 20th-century inherited verification process

It is manual, in-transparent, non-scalable, costly, yearly performed and thus non-granular. As a result, energy-intensive goods producers cannot show reliably that what they produce and commercialize is green. This impossibility to generate verifiable environmental claims spreads on the entire energy value chain – from primary energy source to final energy intensive product (steel, cement, fertilizers, and more).

Amongst energy-intensive goods, the Power-to-X value chain is under the highest pressure to demonstrate sustainability.

~80% of our world’s energy consumption is in the form of fuels and gases.

Hydrogen and its derivatives (ammonia, methanol, synthetic methane, sustainable aviation fuels etc.) can replace those. If and only if hydrogen remains low-carbon along its value chain, then hydrogen can constitute a central piece of the net-zero puzzle – avoiding up to 80 GT CO2 emissions up until 2050.

We embrace this challenge.

We are a team of energy markets specialists, data scientists, developers, designers and product strategists who believe that technology has a key role to play in enabling future-proof verification and certification of environmental claims for energy carriers and energy-intensive goods.

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