Infographic: How green is your hydrogen (EU)?

Written by Point Twelve

February 15, 2023

As simple as it sounds, the question “what is green hydrogen?” has kept the European Commission, Parliament and industry busy in the past couple of years. This week, the European Commission published its long-awaited Delegated Acts. The first Delegated Act provides producers and investors with detailed rules describing how hydrogen and e-fuels can be certified as “green”. The second one details the methodologies to calculate the carbon content of renewable hydrogen along the value chain. 

How can you show reliably that the hydrogen you produced is green – as per the EU’s definition of renewable hydrogen? If you don’t have any idea – we do.  Book a demo to see how Point Twelve’s solution helps you trace carbon, obtain certificates, and earn money and trust from it. 

Read the Delegated Acts:

Infographic - Is your hydrogen green as per the EU?

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