Global Hydrogeneration podcast – Let’s get hydrogen ready

Written by Point Twelve

January 16, 2023

Everybody is talking about the colors of hydrogen – green to grey – however how do we actually make sure, what is what, when the outcome is always the same gas and similar to other energy sources we can have a mix in the supply chain with hydrogen, too.

Flore de Durfort, CEO of Point Twelve, knows how to. In the interview with journalist Anna Loll, the host of the podcast GLOBAL HYDROGENERATION, Flore explains how her company can help companies not only to decarbonize, but also to prove that they are decarbonizing – which is a difference!

Flore also points out how important regulation favoring climate change and decarbonization is to change the market and shares her personal journey, how she happened to become a startup leader instead of following a corporate career, and why magic happens, once you follow your passion.

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We are Flore de Durfort, Quentin Cangelosi and Erika Degoute – 3 founders bringing together 20 years of working experience, of which 15 in the clean Energy space, and a huge drive to build a business that impacts our collective path to Net Zero.

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